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Twenty-nine families graduated from e-Learning Porirua Course 52 on Wednesday 10 July 2013. This third placed learning story was written by a graduate and linked from this blog post.

Denise Akavi's story

Posted 13 July 2013

Ma story!!!!

Hi there my name is Denise Akavi I started this course on May the 8th 2013. Before I had come on this course I was just a stay at home mother doing all the mothers duties they do at home. I didn’t really know what I was doing. Then one of my friends had told me about this course. I thought why not. I had told her that I rather do it at home but she had said no we have to go in and me being me I was like nah that wasn’t for me. She then said its not bout you its bout the kids. She said I would get a computer at the end of the course and that would be for my kids. She also said don’t do it for you do it for our kids. I kinda woke up and said you’re right and jumped on this course. Anyways being on this course has shown me that I am able to teach my kids how to use a computer and having a computer in my house is a big help with my children and their homework as they are having to do it the old way and look in the books whereas most of their homework these days you need the internet and my children have found that really hard. When they found out I was on this course they were so happy when I told them that once I had finished the course we may be getting computer. The look on their faces was priceless like really that’s so good mum now we can be like the other kids at school and do all our homework on the internet. My kids are the main reason I joined this course I wanted to learn more skills so I am able to now look for a job or jump on another course where I can gain more skills. My goals are to be the best I can for my children when our computer comes.


Denise Akavi 's story

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