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Another 31 families graduated at an exciting ceremony at the RSA on Wednesday 11 December. Tim Davies-Colley was at pains to thank the very many people who had been involved in bringing the graduates to this point – trainers, mentors, technicians and volunteers alike. Martin Newman-Hall from e-Learning thanked Mana Community Trust, the Ministry of Education and DIA who have continued to provide funding so that these programmes can continue. He congratulated the graduates and invited Tania Fraser from Deans and Associates to present the certificates.

This ceremony brings the number of graduates of the e-Learning training to 1485. Not only does this mean that there are that many families who now have a computer in their house and the basic knowledge of how to use it effectively, it also means that more and more people are better equipped to progress to higher education and to find jobs that suit their new qualifications.

The e-Learning Trustees are very proud of each graduate’s accomplishment.

In presenting prizes to the students who wrote the best stories about their experience, Tim said that he was always humbled by the challenges that people had to face in order to grasp the opportunity given to them.

Hera AmmunsonThe top prize of a digital camera with a 16 GB SD card was presented by Tim Findlay of Remarkit, for the best story written by Hera Ammunson, and here it is.

My Learning Journey by Hera Ammunson
I am privileged to be able to be in this program to learn about computers and find my way around on the internet, so that I can be informed and educated. I will also now be able to keep up with my children, as until now I have always had to ask them to show me what to do on the computer and how to find things. I have learnt so much on this course, that I’ve always seen my friends do, but never understood how to do it myself. Now I have a gmail account, I know how to make a CV on the careers site and I can make calendars, birthday cards and greeting cards, as well as look up schools for my children and so many other things I can now do. All of this will be so helpful and will save me money too.

I wish I had more time on here, however I know I can work on what I’ve learnt at home after the course has finished and they are always here to support me. We are also welcome to come back and keep learning and getting support, which is what I intend to do, so that I will soon, one day, become an expert. This will lead to me going back to work, as I have been a fulltime Mum of five children at home for a long time, and I have also been unwell so I’m recovering from being quite sick, and this course has given me the opportunity to get back into a career path, Hera with toddlerswithout going straight into a course that I wouldn’t have been able to manage. I have been able to bring my toddlers who are very lively and still learn with the class. I appreciate the staff and this course so much for helping me with my learning, as I wouldn’t have been able to do this if they didn’t help people in my situation. It really has motivated me to want to learn more and it has brought back my interest in wanting to gain skills and qualifications and eventually go back to work. That is a goal of mine, and it seemed quite a daunting goal before this course, as it’s been a long time and I felt that I had nothing to offer besides being a mum, because my skills were redundant and my qualifications and job references are out of date now, so my confidence was very low before. Now I’ve connected with other people learning too, I feel more confident about heading into something to learn next year, by then my toddlers will be at pre-school.

Thank you for providing this course and letting us come back to continue the learning, especially myself as I have had the toddlers with me, so I will be back next round without them in tow to refresh my learning and retain the knowledge.

Tessie Demicoli was placed second and received a 16 GB flash drive. Here’s her story.

My Learning Journey by Tessie Demicoli

Tessie DemicoliI started this computer course on 16 October 2013 because I want to learn how to use a computer. This so I can find out the things I need to know and at the same time I want to learn how to make contact with my family in Malta.

I enjoy coming to the course every Wednesday to see what I can learn more than I already know. But unfortunately the course is getting to the end and I’m still lost in it, and many times I go home feeling bad because I have to keep asking for help.

I know that I’m a little bit better but I still have long way to go. My memory is not so good so I find it hard to redo things by myself. But I want to keep trying and still hope that the tutors they don’t get fed up of me. Maybe I need to be taught one to one or if I copy step by step. I know that one day it will go in my brain

Well the only thing that I can say by now I have little bit more confidence on the computer without being scared to touch it. But I think it makes it harder for me because of my poor reading and lack of computer language too. I do wish that the course was longer.

Bauro Enari and Leeanne Shann were placed joint third and also received an 8 GB flash drive each. Here are their stories.

My Learning Journey by Bauro Enari

I come from a very tiny island in the pacific called Kiribati, it been a great pleasure for me to undertake this course computer at home Porirua. I started with nothing on computer however throughout the course with helpful tutors I appreciate what I got now, as I coming up to the end I feel confidents on using computer especially on words, publisher, power point email, google, writing cv, etc . This course is very helpful because it help me to understand more about this world of computer and also help me to go further in study in this field. Not only learning, but also it was a very good time for me to meet friendly staff and colleagues. In addition to this I’m very happy to hear words of encouragement from tutors encouraging us to continue this course at higher levels at any polytech. At this stage I feel like continuing this course at Whitireia and with the skills I got – they are helpful to my family, especially my kids, and also my friends.

Good news about this course, I went to enrol at Whitireia last week and got an offer straight away which reflects that this course is recognized everywhere. I’m going to start the next level next year, the skills I got here at e-Learning Porirua will prepare me for the big challenges in life.

Bauri and LeeanneOnce again I would like to thank everyone in this course my colleagues and my supportive tutors for your support from week 1 to end sad to say farewell but I must, and my words of encouragement for those who are interested in continuing this course: keep up the good work and hopefully see you in the future.

God bless everyone in this course.

My Learning Journey by Leeanne Shann

In my search for learning I discovered the Computer in Homes course. It was perfect for me as a new learner to IT and it was held on my day off. I was excited but scared as I climbed the stairs on our first day. I was afraid that if I touched a computer it would blow up and these machines didn’t belong to me. Laughter is a great medicine for who has heard of a computer blowing up with the push of a button. So the first day I sat, listened and with courage opened a gmail account. WOW, the next step was sending my first email. I left feeling excited for my future learning and proud, but mostly grateful for the support I had received that day.

I have looked forward to my Wednesdays with the expectation of learning again something new.

We have opened a gmail account, signed up on trade me, explored power point and Microsoft publishing but the most impressive lesson was discovering google chrome. As the saying goes “one door closes another will open” … it’s a whole new world… hundreds to thousands of doors will open, it just takes courage.

The other thing is now I can be involved in conversations around computers etc instead of switching off or leaving the room.

I have enjoyed my journey so far knowing this is an endless journey.

I wish to thank my new friends for their support and encouragement. My class mates, it’s been fun. Life is a learning journey, enjoy your journey.

A big thanks to the tutors, you are all awesome. Also thanks to the businesses that fund the Computer in Homes Courses.

Graduates and staff

Many of the other graduates wrote excellent stories too. Even though they may not have been chosen to receive a prize, they will certainly enjoy taking home their new computers and setting them up in their own home environments. We wish them all the luck in the world.

More families take to the clouds

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