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Michael Sefo's story

My name is Michael Sefo; I joined this course so that I can learn more about computers and to get the opportunity to get a computer and internet into my home. What motivated me was the fact that my children were going to friends’ houses as well as school and coming home to tell me how “awesome” it is to have the internet and to have a computer. They told me that it helps them with their learning and school projects, as well as just a source of entertainment to watch movies and play games. Sometimes I would feel a bit bad because being a solo parent with limited income I was hard out trying to find a way to either hire purchase a computer or to buy a cheap one. Then I had to try and budget an internet connection. With the way things a re my budget is very tight and I had to tell my children that “I will see what I can do, but no promises”. When I was told by my family budgeter about the Computer in Homes programme I was unsure if it was true, as to be honest, it sounds too good to be true. That there is a course that helps me to get better skills on the computer myself (as I feel like a dinosaur compared to my children) and that at the end of the course I will receive a computer and 6 months internet access.

Well, I arrived at the induction and to apply for the course, shy and apprehensive, as being a solo parent my life has been revolved around my children and I didn’t know what to expect let alone if a course like this existed, cause like I said, it sounded a bit too good to be true. When I arrived I was greeted with smiley faces which relaxed me and met Tim who explained to me about the course and helped me fill out the application forms. He put my mind at ease on the official side of things as I worry about filling forms correctly. I then met Noel who took time to tell me about the outline of the course and what day to start. I felt really happy as I told my children about the course and what happens if I do the work and apply myself that I could be eligible for a computer and internet for 6 months, my children were elated by the news as “10 weeks” is a lot faster than the “one day” we were going to get a computer for our home.

The day I arrived at my first class and met the tutor Sarah her warm smile and helpful nature made feel really happy that I took the step to attend this course. The things I have learnt such as using the tools for Microsoft word, PowerPoint and using the website for getting information has been invaluable. I wish to thank Tim, Sarah, Noel and the rest of the team for the opportunity they have given me and hope that God blesses them and their families as the work they do is awesome and inspiring.

Michael Sefo's story

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