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At its meeting on 24 October, the Board of e-Learning Porirua received the 2017-2018 Annual Report. 

The 'not so good' news is that the Trust, along with all Computers in Homes organisations throughout the country, is no longer receiving any Government funding. Encouraging news is that thanks to the excellent forward planning undertaken by the Trust, e-Learning Porirua is the only Trust in New Zealand that continues in business. All other CIH organisations have had to close. This isn't sustainable forever and it is to be hoped that the current Government will be able to reinstate the funding in the 2019 budget. Watch this space ...

Meanwhile, the 'good' news is that, since the formation of the Trust in 2000, 2,316 students have graduated from our programme. This sounds even more significant when you realise that their newfound qualification and skill has affected over 14,0000 adults and children living in the same households who have all benefitted directly from our Computers in Homes programmes. This has been very significant in closing the digital divide in our city.

Here is the Annual Report.  Annual_Report_2017-18 

Good and not so good news in 2017-2018 Annual Report

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