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Last month, there was a blog on the Shine website - 'Proposal to get affordable broadband from the city centre to all city suburbs'. At e-Learning, this matter is of critical importance to the families we have trained over the past 10 years, those we are training now and those we hope to be able to continue to train into the future. We will give the families the skills to use a computer and access the internet. But without internet access in their homes, how can they maintain and improve their skill levels and stay connected?

We have recently seen this article, found on an Australian website and written by an American researcher, which reinforces what was said in the Shine blog last month.

It says that a recent report, “Opportunity for all? Technology and learning in low income families,” shows that one-quarter of those earning below the median income and one-third of those living below poverty level accessed the Internet only through their mobile devices.

We need to act to get affordable broadband to the whole of our city, not soon, but now.

What are they missing?

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