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Maxine Flutey started Course 94 in term 1 of 2020 before a nationwide Covid-19 lockdown was even contemplated. Before she could complete her course, the lockdown was enforced. She had enough knowledge to continue her studies during the lockdown and consequently, she was able to graduate at the end of April.

Here is her learning story ...

"Taking up the Computers In Homes course at my age (55), I was a bit apprehensive. Unsure of my own abilities and how much knowledge I could retain, I decided to jump in with both feet. I love to learn new things and the course content seemed achievable, so why not?

'I’m a grandmother and I was responsible for my mokos most days ... but they were at school during the day, which left me with lots of time on my hands. The course ran during school hours and if I needed to leave to pick up the mokos, I could... and with little to no cost, perfect!

'Talking to others on the course, we all realised that our levels of learning were immaterial. We all learned the same thing and the pace of learning wasn’t important... for those who needed it, there was extra time, extra lessons... all you needed to do was to turn up... the help was there. And acceptance was practically guaranteed... no matter what walk of life you came from, or age. I’ve never felt so accepted and welcomed, and excited to learn.

'Before the course, I felt isolated from the world of technology. I didn’t have the internet at home, or WiFi,... didn’t even have a computer. My thoughts were “I can’t afford it, so I’ll just go without”.

'Upon graduating, I received a computer for my home and I was hooked up to the “net”..AND it’s very affordable, no matter your circumstance. I no longer feel isolated from the world, and I can have discussions with my mokos, AND my children, about the World Wide Web.

'I still have a lot to learn, but now I have an avenue where I can learn ANYTHING and that’s exactly what I plan to do. Thank you to Peter and Tim at Computers In Homes...this old lady is switched on...and there's no going back'.


Learning happens even in lockdown - April 2020

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