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JohnAfter humble beginnings as a part-time employee of e-Learning Porirua, John Davies-Colley has now found employment with XERO (Wellington based cloud accounting software company giant). In 2014 John was a finalist in the Porirua Business Young Employee of the Year Awards as a technical support and system administrator for e-Learning Porirua. John has worked for e-Learning for three years while studying computer science at Victoria University.

In the summer of 2014-15 John gained an internship with XERO through the Victoria University Summer of Tech Programme. John has enjoyed working with the infrastructure team at XERO. His work and contributions have been acknowledged and appreciated by his team and the manager. In the New Year he was offered a part-time job at XERO while he is still finishing his degree. e-Learning Porirua is proud to have provided a launching pad for John as he pursues a professional career in computer science.

John Davies-Colley

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