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At the end of every e-Learning course, participants are encouraged to write a story about their personal experiences leading up to a course, what they experience during the course, and their hopes for the future. At the end of Course 97, this story was chosen as the winning story. The writer has chosen to remain anonymous but here's the story.

When I had first started, I had some knowledge on computers. I had studied a bachelor of business, but had fallen into depression and anxiety attacks in the last year, and had been diagnosed with PTSD. That had taken me into feeling
like I don't know what I'm doing anymore, into having the anxiety to leave my house, so my social worker thought it might be good stepping stone for me to join Computers in Homes, to regain my self-esteem all over again and knowing that I'm doing it for my kids.

Walking in and starting on my first day of Computers in Homes, entering the password abcd1234, then hearing the lecturer say that this is not a classroom, but an environment for learning. Right then I felt a bit more comfortable anxiety creeping up, but being encouraged that doing this will help lead to other opportunities. Sitting there I had decided that, no, I can do this, this ain't a classroom or a test, we are all on the same journey.

And then it began, each week I worked on turbo typing to increase my typing speed, having in mind that it will help me teach my kids, because I see around that this world we live in now is all about technology. Each time I came into class, I started to gain more self-worth, learning about different websites I have not heard of. I enjoyed coding, went back home, and said to my kids, guess what kids, I learnt how to code on this website And my son, who has ADHD, said to me, Mum our school uses it and we play activities on it, and I was like OMG, and laughed with my kids. They encouraged me to continue, because they started to see the old me, that stopped at nothing to gain knowledge and to get out there.

Every week I went to class, I enjoyed learning new things, especially watching TED in class and hearing stuff. I felt like I had been stuck in a shell, not realizing that a lot was happening around the world. I started to gain my old self back and started to enjoy computers again and typing and researching. After hearing about the discussion on the Great Hack, when I went home I started watching it and started to realise I knew what I wanted to do when I finish this course.

This is the second to last week and I have now got set in my mind to take up IT, because I have a goal to create an app. This is something that I have considered before in my entrepreneurship paper. I want to create this app that I think a lot of people will find really useful, because with human behaviour and mothers, like myself, the first thing I think to grab before leaving home is my phone, not my …… and well let’s just leave it that, because I don't want to really discuss what I want to do, because it's a secret. Hehehe

I want to end this by thanking Computers in Homes for the time you have taken to show us parents the beauty of technology. I have enjoyed it and I have slowly come out of depression because of it too! I have realised that I have always had a dream and in taking this course, I have regained my self-worth, I have actually opened my eyes to pursue what I have always wanted to do when I was studying.


A heart-warming story - 23 September 2020

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