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Winners to be announced tonight

Posted 26 February 2014

Wellington is well-placed to carry off an award in this year’s Kiwibank New Zealander of the Year Awards to be announced at a gala awards dinner tonight in Auckland. Three of the finalists for awards are from the Wellington region.

In the line-up for the New Zealander of the Year Award is Māori educator, Dame Dr Iritana Tawhiwhirangi. For the Local Hero Award finalists are migrant community worker Juping Zhou, along with Computers in Homes Regional Coordinator for Porirua, Tim Davies-Colley.

We are very proud to have Tim on our Computers in Homes team, says Computers in Homes National Coordinator, Di Daniels. “Tim’s recognition in the New Zealander of the Year Awards is a real boost for our whole team.”

“We have 17 other Computers in Homes regional coordinators around the country and in our eyes they are all local heroes and heroines, supporting families in their communities get connected to the internet and helping parents of school-aged children use computers.”

Tim says he is honoured to have been nominated for the New Zealander of the Year Awards and now thrilled to be a finalist.
“This really brings into focus the work we do and the fact there is still a huge issue with digital access and literacy in our community, despite the claims that the internet is in the majority of New Zealand homes these days, says Tim.
“That is still not the case in some areas of our community and a lot fail to realise this.”

Tim unassumingly thinks the award is not so much about him, but more about the Computers in Homes programme and all the many people and organisations that make that programme possible.

The impact of Computers in Homes in Porirua has been significant. 10 years ago, Porirua ranked as one of the most digitally disadvantaged communities in the country. Today in Porirua, he claims only 20% of households with school-aged children do not have an internet connection, compared to some regions where over 40% are disconnected.

“We still have a lot of work to do,” says Tim. “That 20% represents over 1,000 households. It took us 10 years to reach those households. Our goal now is to reach the remaining 1,000 in the next five years.”

About Computers in Homes
Computers in Homes receives funding support from the Government’s Digital Literacy and Connection Fund, administered by the Department of Internal Affairs, and the Ministry of Education as well as business and community partners. The programme currently supports 1,500 families with school-aged children nationally each year with 125 of these currently participating in Porirua.

Computers in Homes started at Cannons Creek School in East Porirua in the year 2000 and since then over 1,000 Porirua families have benefitted from the programme. Tim was appointed programme coordinator in 2011.

About the 2020 Communications Trust
The 2020 Communications Trust was established in 1996 by the Wellington City Council to promote a more digitally connected and digitally literate community. In the year 2000, the Trust expanded to cover digitally disadvantaged communities throughout New Zealand and currently has digital literacy programmes including Computers in Homes, Stepping Up and KiwiSkills operating in 20 communities from Kaitaia to Invercargill.

Tim Davies-Colley, Computers in Homes Regional Coordinator, Porirua: Mobile: 027 715 7329
David Barrow, Trustee, 2020 Communications Trust: 04 385 091 or 027 452 3536
Di Daniels, 2020 Communications Trust: 027 413 3677

Tim and HeraTim Davies-Colley, Computers in Homes Coordinator for Porirua, with Hera Ammunson, a recent Computers in Homes graduate, at the community training hub in East Porirua.



Winners to be announced tonight

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