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Coding and other cool stuff

By Leigh Hunt


CoderDojo 2CoderDojo, Porirua, began as a parent co-operative with a small group of like-minded parents who wanted to teach their kids to code and do other cool stuff with digital technology. The first session was held in May 2013 at the former Splice Group offices in Mana.

CoderDojo is a global movement. The Porirua parent co-operative found that it aligned closely with their own aspirations and beliefs, particularly that membership and attendance at the Dojo should be free and, above all, that it should be fun! CoderDojo Porirua currently uses the facilities of Computers In Homes at the RSA in Porirua. Sessions run bi-weekly during term time.

2014 has seen a more structured approach, with the introduction of a badge and belt system, and a developing curriculum, including Blockly, Scratch, JavaScript, Arduinos and others.

CoderDojoThe Dojo teaches a range of ages from 5 to 16 (all coders must be accompanied by a responsible adult). CoderDojo Porirua is currently growing by word of mouth and through the use of Social Media and currently has about 30 active members. We'd like to grow further, and are currently looking for more mentors to help to support our programme. Longer term, we're so passionate about what we do that we'd love to seed other CoderDojos in New Zealand. It just takes some parents with a bit of know-how who are prepared to give their time and energy for free.

To find out more about CoderDojo Porirua, or to register and sign up for a CoderDojo Porirua session (it's free!), visit us here

For more info on the global CoderDojo movement, go here

If you want to get in touch with CoderDojo Porirua, contact us here.

Coding and other cool stuff

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