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Broadband access is getting closer

By Don Pyatt

Smartlinx 3 logoSmartlinx 3 is proud to be involved with community organisations like e-Learning who teach parents with children from low decile schools some of the skills they need to survive in the 21st century.

We are very lucky we live in a country where it is never too late for people to change their circumstances, and e-Learning helps people to do just that, by teaching parents how to use a computer and the internet, and by providing computers in classrooms for the children. These things change lives by empowering people to learn enough to get jobs which will, in the medium term, break the poverty cycle.

Smartlinx 3 has worked with e-Learning Porirua to set up the Cannon’s Creek WiFi, and is keen to continue this partnership to spread it through the rest of Cannon’s Creek, and to the other low decile areas of Porirua in e-Learning’s student catchment area. It is also providing affordable ADSL2 connections to the homes, where Wifi is not reachable, and providing graduates with an affordable prepaid option once their post course free internet period is up. Trials will start soon to check on the coverage shown on this map.

WiFi map
(We are also selling PrePaid phone packages ($18 per week for phone only, $28 per week for phone+uncapped internet).

In 2014 Smartlinx 3 will be establishing an office in the Old Defence Building in the heart of Porirua, and is looking forward to working with the Council and businesses to provide affordable high speed internet access to households and businesses within the region.

This includes providing and promoting high speed (up to 750Mbps) Air Fibre (high speed transmission using microwave radio transmission) Wifi in the Porirua CBD and Railway Station, as well as connecting up businesses in the Central Business District using Air Fibre as a more cost effective option than digging up roads to lay fibre.

Gloaming HillThis week Smartlinx 3 has been given access to two former Kordia TV masts in Gloaming Hill, Titahi Bay (shown here) and Seaview Road. Paramata. We plan to use the Gloaming Hill one for the e-Learning WiFi expansion, as well as provide high speed internet connectivity to homes and businesses in Titahi Bay.

Following a detailed investigation to identify a strategy to improve access and pricing of broadband in the three cities of Lower Hutt, Porirua and Upper Hutt, Smartlinx 3 Limited was established in 2004 as a joint public/private initiative. The objective of the three city councils and six private investors was to deploy and operate an open-access broadband telecommunications network within the three cities.

Smartlinx3 is a Layer 2, open-access regional broadband network provider. We work with stakeholders (including Upper Hutt, Lower Hutt and Porirua Councils) to ensure business continuity and to maintain a steady flow of new business opportunity both within the regional councils as well as within private enterprise. New business consists of strategic wireless and fibre builds and new connections.

The OECD’s directorate for science, technology and industry, studying broadband concluded:

  • Broadband infrastructure investment positively affects economic activity
  • Broadband enabled content and services will be a key driver of economic growth
  • Broadband helps businesses lower transaction costs and find efficiency gains.

Smartlinx 3 Limited has now established an open access broadband network in the three cities and is attracting a growing number of customers, including the three Council shareholders

Broadband access is getting closer

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