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A big rung on the digital ladder achieved in Porirua

Posted 4 May 2014

A celebration of learning achievement is happening in the Porirua community as e-Learning Porirua marks the 1500th family to graduate through its programmes on Monday 5 May 2014.

The low income families graduated as a result of training in how to use a computer. Since 2001 e-Learning has given them a home computer for themselves and their families to use and provided them with an internet connection and back up technical support.

Former MP for Mana, Porirua resident and e-Learning Chair, Graham Kelly, said, “e-Learning Porirua has trained more people than any other comparable organisation in the country who undertake similar work and we are proudly celebrating it as an important milestone.”

e-Learning's mission is to help those who are socially and economically disadvantaged by providing skills and better access to computers and digital capabilities. 250,000 children in New Zealand don’t yet have access to a computer. Services like those provided by e-Learning Porirua play an essential role in addressing this gap with families.

“The digital gap is very real for poorer families. It’s not often that a community like ours can celebrate such an outstanding success story. Our e-Learning Porirua Trust continues its work knowing that we have made a significant difference to the lives of families who can now look to the future with more confidence,” Graham Kelly said.

The 2013 acquisition of the Our website by e-Learning Porirua, with Porirua City Council's assistance, is a natural progression of its assistance to families as it extends digital connectivity across the whole community, and beyond. Our is the first city in the world to have an online community of genuinely interconnected websites, which can share content with each other.


Media contact: Phil Major
Phone: 04 233 9257
Mobile: 0274 954 717

About e-Learning Porirua

The Porirua City Community IT Educational Trust (e-Learning Porirua) was established as a charitable trust in 2001 by then local MP, Graham Kelly. The Computers in Homes project (CiH) aims to support low income communities to use ICT to strengthen their education. Its purpose as a community driven programme aims to provide computers in Homes, Schools and Community Learning Centres to families who are socially and economically disadvantaged, and provide them with the necessary skills and internet access to support their children’s learning and engage more fully in society.

Porirua City Community IT Educational Trust Board

Graham Kelly – Chairperson
Tim Davies-Colley - Executive Project Manager
Phil Major
Wendy Betteridge
Martyn Newman-Hall
Sue Chard
Murray Woodley
Douglas Harre
Winnie Laban
Chris Lipscombe

A big rung on the digital ladder achieved in Porirua

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