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Mike Webster

Twenty-nine families graduated from Course 52 on Wednesday 10 July 2013. Mike Webster, principal of Mana College, congratulated the graduates and presented the certificates.

Scott Alford from Remarkit, who provide the high specification refurbished computers also came to the graduation. He brought a camera to award as the first prize for the best learning story that was written by Luana Ngatai. All the stories were excellent and you can read the best three below. Luana’s winning story was given to the Ministers when they made a ministerial announcement on 2 July to restore the $1.6 million funding to the 20/20 Trust that had previously been cut in the 2013 budget.

See the three top learning stories:

Luana Ngatia's winning story.

Otu Ahaio's second placed story.

Denise Akavi's third place story.

Another successful graduation

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